Waste container positioning system

Example of installation of the waste container tracker.

The key component of ET Container system is the waste container tracker, a modern device with built-in batteries designed to monitor the container location. In addition to the power supply module and GSM and GPS modules, the tracker is equipped with a sensor which detects the container loading and unloading operations. It is also possible to configure the data transmission frequency individually.

Container Tracker

Container tracking was never as simple as today, thanks to Con Box solution. The tracker has been equipped with power supply, GSM and GPS modules, as well as sensor for loading/discharge detection.

Container tracker characteristics:

Accelerometer (movement detector)
Universally applicable
Internal power supply
Remote possibility of configuration
Several years of battery life with replacement availability
Metal casing – resistant to mechanical damage
Simple assembly – self-installation available
Basic features of the tracker:
TRANSMISSION OF THE CONTAINER LOCATION DATA once a day and following every loading and unloading operation (standard configuration),
INNOVATIVE POWER SUPPLY allows the tracker to run for at least 3 years (with standard configuration),
HOUSING DESIGN allows you to fix the tracker on the container and to replace the battery without damaging the tracker.