Summer and winter road maintenance system

ET Roads is a system that monitors municipal specialized vehicles such as salt spreaders with snow plows or sweepers. The system supports and controls processes related to summer and winter road maintenance.

Salt spreaders with snow plows are equipped with sensors of plow position and sensors of salt spreading, which allows for monitoring their operation. Information about the operation of these sensors is transmitted to the SMOK Net system software with other basic data such as simultaneously registered location and time. In the case of sweepers, the activation signal for brushes and the sprinkler may be monitored. Modern sweepers and salt spreaders also make it possible to read these and other data (such as the amount and width of salt spreading) via the CAN-BUS.

The data recorded by the devices mounted on vehicles for snow removal and road cleaning are displayed in the SMOK Net application.

A map view with the location of vehicle and its parameters.