Route optimization system

The main challenge for the staff in charge of route planning is the optimal use of the fleet, and planning the routes so that vehicles complete all the tasks as quickly as possible and travel the shortest distance.

Our ET Optimal system resolves these issues and ensures efficient use of your fleet. The system takes into account a number of variables and parameters required for the effective planning of routes. It takes into account the capacity of vehicles and wastebins, the frequency of their emptying and their locations. The route is planned so as to maximally reduce the time between waste collection and waste unloading while keeping the mileage as low as possible.

Once the right parameters and variables are entered, the system will plan the routes according to the set criteria.

Benefits of ET Optimal system:

  • boosting the efficiency of planners and staff carrying out tasks;
  • reduction of mileage and time of order completion
  • optimal allocation of tasks and use of vehicles
  • reduced costs of transport
  • efficient implementation of tasks and improvement of service quality
  • enhanced competitiveness of your company
  • monitoring the correctness of task completion.