Photo recorder

Image recording is an alternative solution for video recording providing photo data, which does not demand as much storage resources as videos. Photo recorder enables to save and store the image with the specified time interval or trigger the photo in case of declared event, which highly affects the minimalization of storage used for archiving.

Photo box is a new generation of digital image recorders compatible with SMOK Net and SEPAN software. This device transmits on-line the photos from the cameras installed on the vehicle, e.g. on the body structure, in the driver cabin etc. . If lack of GSM signal occurs, registered images are buffered on a data carrier.

Main characteristics:

Universality of use on the vehicles
Customization of photo recording frequency
Possibility to match the registered photos with the events of the vehicle, e.g. lifter activation.
On-line photo transmission using GSM network
Geolocalisation of registered photos
(only while connected to the GPS controller)