Fuel distribution system

ET Fuel Tank is a system developed to monitor and register the consumption of fuel taken from mobile filling stations (fuel tanks).

The system consists of tank terminal, RFID reader to identify workers and vehicles, and fuel flow meter. It allows to check the amount of tanked and distributed fuel by the vehicle or by the person who received the fuel.

System features:

  • remote reading of current information about the amount of fuel in the tank
  • recording and archiving all fuel fillings and fuel releases
  • drafting reports on tank fillings and on releases of fuel for individual vehicles
  • adding extra tabs for vehicles and employees, service cards, and management of their permissions
  • the amount of fuel in the tank can be adjusted only by an authorized employee
  • fuel pump control
  • viewing the location of mobile filling stations on a digital map
  • detection of leaks, theft and other causes for depletion of fuel in the tank with optional fuel probes.

The combination of ET Fuel Tank system with ET Fuel system provides full supervision over the fuel management in the enterprise: from the moment of filling the fuel station to the consumption of fuel by vehicles or machines.