Driver communication system

The ET Connect system supports and facilitates the execution of tasks. Among other things, it offers communication with the driver, GPS navigation, and diagnostics of GPS/RFID system components installed in the vehicle.

You can also view a route plan as a list of task points. Any irregularities can be reported by the vehicle crew with predefined notes or personal notes, to which photos may be attached.

The Diagnostics feature in the PDA Terminal allows you to check the operation of each device of ELTE GPS systems installed in the vehicle.

The terminal also permits viewing the planned route as a list of task points.

The Navigate function allows for automatic guidance to the selected waste collection point without the need to enter its address in the application installed in the terminal.

The terminal can also show a list of wastebins (with details of their type, volume and purpose) which are to be emptied on the planned route.

Any irregularities may be reported by the vehicle crew by their own notes or predefined notes. A note can be linked with a waste collection point or to a specific wastebin or bag.

You can use a mobile device with a built-in camera to upload photos to the PDA terminal using WIFI network. The sent photo is attached to a note of any irregularity found at a waste collection point.

Terminal software signals irregularities during the route, e.g. collection of container that was not included in the route plan.

The terminal permits two-way communication with the operator.