Tour de Europe 2019 – systems close at hand

Tour de Europe 2019 is a next stage of the unique journey around Europe launched last year. Similarly to the previous edition, Elte GPS specialists will be presenting systems supporting waste management processes during European events dedicated for environment and waste treatment issues. All the solutions can be discovered on the specially equipped municipal demo vehicle.

In 2019 we begin by taking part in 20th Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair in Kielce, Poland – EKOTECH.

We invite you to discover our solutions now on a virtual waste collection truck from the 360° perspective, including following systems:

  • wastebin and waste container identification (RFID), bag identification (barcode),
  • wastebin stocktaking,
  • fill-level monitoring,
  • waste container positioning,
  • dynamic waste weighing,
  • static waste weighing (on truck with hydraulic crane system and on-board weighing),
  • vehicle performance parameters measuring (CAN bus, OBD),
  • communication with the driver via on-board computer,
  • image recording (photos, video),
  • route planning and scheduling, waste collection control,
  • vehicle positioning via GPS technology.

We invite you to get to know our systems in practice.

Picture gallery – Tour de Europe