Signing a contract for implementation of the project for Voivodeship Roads Authority in Cracow

At the end of September 2019 we have signed the contract with Voivodeship Roads Authority in Cracow for ‘development of the system for Małopolska Agglomeration Card through delivery and installation of the devices and software development for MKA System’

The scope of the contract applies to the following elements:

  • Development of the MKA central system,
  • Development of the MKA mobile application,
  • Design and implementation of the iMKA-S application,
  • Creation of the Passenger information system,
  • Delivery and installation of:
    • Information panels operating in e-paper technology,
    • Identification on-board computers dedicated for CICO function operations (check_IN_check_OUT) in the trains of Małopolska Voivodeship,
    • BUS terminals enabling ticket payments using new technologies in the vehicles of the entities performing public transport services on voivodeship area.