Elte GPS solutions on EcoWaste fair in Abu Dhabi

On 14-17 January 2019 Elte GPS solutions concerning waste management have been presented on EcoWaste exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

During the fair you had an opportunity to meet our following systems in a practical way on the specially equipped demo vehicle:

  • wastebin and waste container identification (RFID)
  • container fill-level surveillance
  • waste container positioning
  • dynamic waste weighing
  • static waste weighing (on truck with hydraulic crane system and on-board weighing)
  • on-board terminal appliance,
  • image recording (photos, video)
  • GPS vehicles positioning

We would like to thank you for visiting the stand of our local partner Cubic Art-Pixels (CAP), where we have been presenting our solutions. CAP enterpise was one of the sponsors of the EcoWaste event.

Interview in Dubai with CEO of CUPC Art Piexels for Environmental Solutions, Rami Abu Hayah, among with his speach about brand new intelligent technologies and innovative solutions in waste management dedicated for smart cities.