Tour de Europe – experience our systems in action

Since mid-May 2018, visitors to European exhibitions for waste management and environmental protection industries can experience our complex solutions in action, which help companies and local authorities performing waste management tasks.

Elte GPS specialists are embarking on a European tour to share their experience in this field with customers and to showcase Elte GPS systems on a demo vehicle specifically equipped with these systems for this tour. The systems presented on the demo refuse collection vehicle improve the performance efficiency and the quality of the services rendered in the field of waste management by providing the following functions:

  • Identification of waste containers and bins (RFID), refuse bags (barcodes),
  • Inventory system for waste bins,
  • Monitoring the fill-level bins and containers,
  • Tracking of waste containers,
  • Dynamic waste weighing system,
  • Static waste weighing system (truck frame or hydraulic lift),
  • Collection of vehicle operating data (CANBUS, OBD),
  • Application of on-board terminals,
  • Video recording (pictures, video),
  • Planning of waste collection schedules and monitoring their realization,
  • GPS tracking of vehicles.

We invite you to get to know our systems in practice.
Already today, you can look at our systems on a virtual refuse collection truck from the 360° perspective.

Picture gallery – Tour de Europe