The profile of Elte Group

Innovation and advanced solutions

ELTE GROUP has a vast experience in developing and implementing ICT systems for companies from various industries and local government units.

We offer complex systems which combine state of the art in technology and computer science, support and monitor the processes of service provision, optimize the use of resources, and enhance the logistics of transport and communication. All this leads to lower costs, higher quality and increase in satisfaction of your customers.

Our systems are based on our proprietary engineering and IT solutions. As the manufacturer of both software and hardware system components, we can guarantee flexible and customized solutions that meet your individual needs, and allow for further expansion and continuous upgrade.

We use highest quality parts during the manufacturing process, therefore the components of our solutions have appropriate certificates and positive results of efficiency tests issued by competent authorities.

In addition to the high quality of our products, we provide expert warranty and post-warranty service. Effectiveness of our systems and the professional level of our customer service have been confirmed by numerous references and certificates.

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